Introduction :

In the terms of stepping motors, which we offer are permanent magnet type 4 phase (step angle 7.5£XX) and Hybrid type 2 or 5 phase (step angle 1.8£XX or 0.72£XX). These types are applied to the OA instruments, textile machine, automation equipments, record testing instrument, Robot etc. Our products are with low vibration, accurate stiffness, more stability, and high holding torque. The size and the specifications are from 24mm to 42mm round in PM type; and 42mm to 110mm square frame in hybrid type. We are also provides 2 phase and 5 phase step or micro step driver. The driving current maximum can be specified to reach 6.0A maximum per phase as the input voltage is 110-240VAC or 24-50VDC, the exhibition mode can be selected by full-step(1.8£XX/step) or half-step(0.9£XX/step). These controller provide two kinds of plus input: 1p or 2p, can be adjusted the running and the stopping current by optional motor in order to revolving the motor with good performance. For safety reason, these controllers are installed with overheating protector to prevent them to burn down or be destroyed by manual fault. These controllers are supported auto current-down and self testing, and adopted CPLD component. For avoiding noise interfere, both input and output sides are composed of photo coupler.

Instruction Of Model No. :