Introduction of Direct Current Motor

In the terms of DC motors, we adopt highly flux ferrite magnet to promote the efficiency of our motors when operating. The range of speed is from 600 rpm to 5400 rpm etc., and the power consumption is from 10 watts to 1.5HP. They are with highly stability at operation and stable vibration in balance. Base on our lines of products' security control, our products are safe, endurable, and reliable. These products are in conformity with the worlds-wide standards. And these series products are also applied to general conveyer equipment, air/water/gear pumps, scooter/electric bike/automobile, OA instruments, healthy instrument (such as for massage purpose), laboratory mixer etc. Besides, the control packs of speed for our DC motors are hot products on lines. The control circuit is designed by SCR or PWM and the power consumptions are from 100W to 2HP for vendees' choice. Most of the motors mentioned above can match gear box (the type of gears such as spur, helix, worm, and planetary) in our own products.

Selection of DC Motor Model :